Student projects AI4SD

Shuqi Yan. Combining Machine and Human Intelligence for Object recognition in Satellite Images to Support Land Cover Management in Africa’s Drylands. Master thesis Computer Science 2020. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [PDF].

Gossa Lô. Exploring West African Folk Narrative Texts using Machine Learning. July 2019. VU Master research project Artificial Intelligence.  [PDF]

Jan Drabek. An Intelligent System to Track Tree Loss in Rural Africa using Satellite Image Data July 2019. VU Master research project Information Science.  [PDF]

Carlbandro Edoga. Digital Divide: How to find up to date and dynamic information for homeless people in Amsterdam. July 2019. VU Master research project Information Science. [PDF]

Chong Xing Zi, Lucas Fijen, Marit van Dijk, Michelle Ten LiBin, Nur Asheila Abdul Taib, Shanna Simon – DengAway: A self-screening application for prevention and early detection of Dengue. Sarawak, Malaysia, 2019. A collaboration of VU Amsterdam and UNIMAS Malaysia [PDF].

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