Collocated with ICT4D in the Field 2021 Webinar Artificial Intelligence in & for the Global South

Program of the Webinar

Wed 02 June 10:30-13:45 UTC+2 (-2h Ghana, +6h Malaysia):
Welcome and Opening
André Baart (Bolesian AI): Overview: What is AI and what can it be used for?
Gossa Lô (Bolesian AI): How machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) can be used to analyze African folk tales.
Francis Dittoh (UDS, Ghana): ICT data & service challenges in fostering sustainable rural development in Africa.

Thu 03 June 10:30-13:15 UTC+2 (-2h Ghana, +6h Malaysia):
Chris van Aart (Bolesian AI): Knowledge engineering and management: dealing with specialist knowledge.
Frank Bennis (VU Amsterdam): Data analytics for patient health monitoring.
Prof. Nara (UNIMAS, Malaysia): Digital socio-technical innovation and indigenous knowledge in South-East Asia.

Fri 04 June 10:30-13:15 UTC+2 (-2h Ghana, +6h Malaysia)
Annette ten Teije (VU Amsterdam): Knowledge representation and reasoning about medical protocols and clinical guidelines.
Victor de Boer (VU Amsterdam): Open Linked Data: addressing global questions of colonial cultural heritage.
Jaap Gordijn (VU Amsterdam & TVE The Value Engineers): Blockchain technology and fair decentralized innovation ecosystems.

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