About the Symposium

The 5th Symposium in the series “Perspectives on ICT4D”, to be held in Amsterdam, 27 May, 2018,  will have as a theme “The Web and the Digital Divide“. The Symposium aims to gather a broad community of researchers to discuss the current issues in ICT4D and reflect on the barriers and existing paradigms that are currently hampering the further expansion of the Web.

The Symposium extends previously organized workshops and symposiums around the same topic. This year, we aim to provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussion around the challenges to bridge the digital divide between those that are able to fully benefit from the Web in all its forms and those who cannot. We will explore technical, social and economical barriers as well as opportunities to make the Web truly accessible to all.

We gather researchers and practitioners to share their experiences, results and challenges related to both studying and bridging the digital divide, as well as to explore various practical use cases of applications of ICT4D for addressing these challenges. The event is intended to be interdisciplinary, for researchers, practitioners, and students of fields related to ICT4D – including but not limited to development studies, computer science, social sciences, (computational) linguistics, (digital) humanities, geography, anthropology, etc.). This matches the interdisciplinarity of the Web Science conference.

The Symposium will be collocated with the WebSci18 Conference. This will take place at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Registration is required, for participation.

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