ICT4D in the Field 2022

In June 2022 the international 6 EC master course ICT4D in the Field will take place, this time as a collaborative online international course. ICT4D addresses probolems of and solutions for the “unconnected people in the world”. This is still close to half of the world’s population, the majority of whom live in poor, remote, often rural regions of the world, often in so-called developing low-middle income countries.

AI for Social Good, in & for the Global South

This year’s theme is Artificial Intelligence in and for the Global South. AI is at the centre of attention as an innovative digital technology with a claimed wide range of beneficial application opportunities, although also doubts and concerns are being expressed. What impact can AI and Data Science have in a low-resource context in the Global South?

The course ICT4D in the Field undertakes to critically investigate these matters in and for the Global South, giving due attention to the specificity of people’s needs as well as to the geographic, economic, cultural and socio-political contexts in which they live.

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